Abbas Tajvidi from the Gendarmerie Orchestra to the National Orchestra of Iran + Works

Abbas Tajvidi from the Gendarmerie Orchestra to the National Orchestra of Iran + Works

Abbas Tajvidi’s Birth Date

Biography of Abbas Tajvidi
Abbas Tajvidi

He was born on September 10, 1931 in an artist family in Pamanar neighborhood, Gozar Agha Seyed Nasreddin (Seyed Nasreddin, Pachnar Bazaar) in Tehran. He is the niece of Ahmad Qadakchian (a veteran actor in Iranian theater, cinema and television) and the cousin of Fereydoun Jork (director, screenwriter, producer).

Abbas started learning the dulcimer at the age of 7, and at the age of 11 he started learning the violin with Professor Abolhassan Saba. Abbas Tajvidi entered the University of Tehran after high school and studied Persian history and literature. After receiving a master’s degree from the university, he entered the Tehran Gendarmerie to serve in the military as a second lieutenant officer, who was also the conductor of the Tehran Gendarmerie Orchestra at the same time.

After spending the above period, Tajvidi entered the national television of Iran and took over the management of the children’s television group of the television, which after a while was transferred to the radio and was retained in this position by Davood Pirnia. He also worked as a violin soloist in the Chamber Orchestra led by Zhura Mikhailian; Other instruments that Abbas Tajvidi plays are oud, tar, setar and santur.

Abbas Tajvidi

Tajvidi with many artists including Qassem Jeblai, Shapoor Niakan, Hossein Khajeh Amiri (Iraj), Engineer Homayoun Khoram, Javad Lashgari, Ebrahim Salmaki, Assadollah Malek, Lotfollah Majd, Darvish Javidan, Javad Yasari, Fereydoon Hafezi, Abbas Ghaderi, Massoud Jamali ( Tar), Akbar Mohseni, Mansour Nariman, Touraj Shabankhani, Abbas Tehrani Tash (Qarni), Mahmoud Rahmanipour, Emad Ram (flute), Amir Nasser Aftah, Jahangir Malek, Abtin Ejlali (Tonbak), Hassan Kasaei, Hassan Nahid (Ney) , Reza Varzandeh, Mansour Saremi, Majid Najahi, Fazlollah Tavakol, Mohammad Heidari (Santour), Ahmad Ebadi (Setar) and many other musicians and singers, of course, have collaborated and been approved and praised by them.

Son of Abbas Tajvidi
Abbas Tajvidi has a son named Alireza, who is a pop singer and producer.

Abbas Tajvidi with you on Friday morning
Abbas Tajvidi has worked on 8 pieces with the living memory of Darvish Mostafa Javidan and Jahangir, which was broadcast on Friday morning.

Abbas Tajvidi and Shabahang Company
Abbas Tajvidi is the founder of Shabahang Broadcasting Company or the current Ava Shabahang Cultural and Artistic Institute. This company was established in 1350 with the aim of improving the quality of music and establishing a music recording studio and playing musical works, and since 1975, it has been broadcasting works by singers. Shabahang After the Islamic Revolution, the company was silent and in 1995, the company changed its use to the Cultural and Artistic Institute with the aim of creating new educational and research platforms.

Abbas Tajvidi

First class art award for Abbas Tajvidi
In 2001, Abbas Tajvidi received a first-class artistic award and a first-class permanent membership from the Music House.

Works of Abbas Tajvidi
Maziar – Child of the Century – 1998
Babak Ashkan
Ghobad Milani
Afshin Mogharazi (Afshar)
the butterfly
Remember the flowers
sweet love
Qasim Jebli
June and heart – 1350
Iraj – Jan Del – 1350
Wafa – I love – 1347
حسن همایونفال
Bahram Hassiri
Activities of Abbas Tajvidi
National Orchestra of Iran in 1346
Orchestra No. 104 of the National Radio of Iran under the direction of Javad Lashgari
Director (music) of the national television children’s group in 1349
Establishment of Shabahang studio and distribution company
Conductor of the Children’s TV Orchestra 1350
105 National Radio Orchestra (Shiraz and Tehran High School Choir)
Radio Orchestra Music Recording with Anoushirvan Rouhani (Memoirs 1 and 2)
Concert performance in 1974 – London
Iranian Chamber Orchestra (led by Jura Mikhailian)
University of Tehran Student Orchestra – 1347
Abdullah Jahanpanah Orchestra (pieces recorded with Iraj’s voice)
You and the radio (1343 to 1375)
Makarans Orchestra
A song from national music (Iraj Khajeh Amiri)
Performed in Cologne, Germany
Maziar Orchestra (Abdolreza Kiani Nejad)
Making and performing music pieces for movies (Story Friend, Green Road, etc.)
Performing training parts for violin instrument (audio)
Presence as a producer in various pop works
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Abbas Tajvidi, a violinist, oud, tar, setar and santour player and the founder of Shabahang Broadcasting Company, was born on September 10, 1961.According to Imena, Abbas Tajvidi is a violinist and many traditional instruments who started learning the instrument at the age of seven and received a first-class artistic award and a first-class permanent membership. He has a master’s degree in Persian history and literature from the University of Tehran, has collaborated with many artists and has worked in television and radio.

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